20th Annual
24th Annual
Spring Show
April 1 - April 30

Amy Winton
Deb Tully
Rachael Edwards
Jennifer Vigil
David McMurry
Cara Dawn Macias
Maynon Benson
Donna Lofton
David Knowles
Patsy Kisor
Barry Harvey
Amanda Garcia Greene
Jo Le Ginter
Amy Lofton
Roylynn Evans
Janette Dickerson
Bethany Fields
David A. Corbin
Greta Byars
Patty Bryant
Gary Bird
Beverley Bird
Arlene Walker
James Albertson

Opening Reception
Friday, April 1st, 7:00 - 9:00 PM

Samples of some of the great works of art featured in our 2016 Spring Show are displayed here. One work by each of the 25 artists.
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Please come see the show in person if you can. There are about 100 works of art.
"October Aspens"
acrylic painting by Jo Le Ginter
Blown Glass
by James Albertson
"Fly Away"
acrylic painting by Rachael Edwards
painting by Patsy Kisor
watercolor by Janette Dickerson
pastel painting by Cara Dawn Macias
"Sunny in Santa Rosa"
acrylic painting by Roylynn Evans
oil painting by Maynon Benson
Taos Alley
pastel painting by Amy Winton
"Taos Alley"
pastel painting by Amy Winton
oil painting by Patsy Kisor
Wood and glass boxes
by Gary & Beverley Bird
"Silva Bay Boats"
photography by Patty Bryant
photography by Barry Harvey
pottery by Amy Lofton
"Spring Breaking"
pastel painting by Bethany Fields
"Plum Creek Autumn"
oil painting by Donna Lofton

Fused Glass by Jennifer Vigil
"Toad House"
pastel painting by Arlene Walker
Artist, Amanda Greene (right) having a discussion with one of our guests.
"Through His Eyes"
Kaleidoscope by David Alan Corbin
Colony Staff visiting with a guest at the reception.
Artist (center), Amy Winton visits with two reception atendees. Spring Show 2016
Artists and guests enjoying the reception for our 2016 Spring Show reception
oil painting by Amanda Greene
"Golden Collection"
oil painting by David Knowles
"The Rise"
oil painting by Deb Tully
Gallery owner, Roylynn Evans, and daughters, Anne and Abby.
2016 Spring Show reception
2016 Spring Show reception
Artist, Greta Byars, looking at some of the art at our 2016 Spring Show
"Mountain Valley"
oil painting by Greta Byars
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